Career Coach & Outplacement

While résumé writing is a creative outlet for me, coaching clients to success brings me the greatest joy!! Coaching clients (1-1) fuels me to make a positive difference in the lives of my clients!!

Mergers and acquisitions in today’s job market are becoming a standard practice. Sadly, the employees who are getting downsized are often left holding the anchor of defeat and discouragement because employers are not willing or able to invest in employee transition to different jobs. Most companies in this position need a well-rounded career +rm who can handle all aspects of the transition, including: career coaching, job search coaching, interview coaching, career management coaching, brand coaching, sales coaching, résumé writing coaching, image coaching, salary negotiation coaching and online job board coaching, in addition to many other important aspects of successful job transition.

“Don’t let money influence your career choice. It should be something you would gladly pay someone else to let you do!! When you can identify what that is, then you’ve found the career you were born to have!!”

I often refer to “jobs” as J.O.B.s (just over broke), as they are usually equal-part income and outflow scenarios without much being saved for a rainy day. My gift as a career coach is helping clients figure out what they were born to do and then developing a plan to get there!